The 2014 W100, including Elen Steinberg, reveal the crucial sales, major breakthroughs and key turning points that changed everything for their businesses

Victory can take many forms when you’re running a company: the acquisition of a key client, the development of a groundbreaking product or service, the choice of the right partner. Sometimes, these wins are enough to change a company’s trajectory for the better. Here, members of the 2014 W100 ranking of Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs share the turning points that helped them build their businesses.

“A few years ago we developed click-to-shop technology, which enables readers to shop right off the pages of our digital magazine. We were the first to launch this in Canada. That has led to other improvements in our media channel, which culminated in us winning Best Digital Magazine at the Canadian Online Publishing Awards in 2013.”
Elen Steinberg (No. 40), SPP Marketing Services Inc. & Real Style Network Inc.

W100 rankings celebrate the achievements of the remarkable women running some of the country’s most successful enterprises. Elen Steinberg is ranked number 40 in the 2014 W100.

Original Content Appeared On on September, 18th 2014