RBC wanted to expand its intercept sales credit card acquisition program into its branch channel. Many bank branches didn’t have the experience with an outsourced sales force and individual branch managers were reluctant to participate. SPP Marketing Services had a two fold task. One was to deliver sales to the RBC credit card division and second to establish relationships and dialogue with each individual branch in order to be able to execute a successful in-branch acquisition program.

Strategic Planning & Execution:

SPP Marketing Services analyzed traffic and demographic data of over 1,000 RBC branches across Canada and selected 300 of the highest performing locations in every major market- including remote locations.

SPP senior field managers met with each individual branch manager to establish a rapport, determine optimum staffing hours and location for intercept sales, review all procedures and button down the logistics. Each individual branch manager had direct contact with SPP Marketing Services management and was able to contact SPP Marketing Services with any requests or concerns. In addition SPP Marketing Services followed up with each branch manager during the week and again after the rep left their location to ensure they were pleased with the reps conduct and performance.


SPP Marketing Services efforts resulted in a national branch program being given the green light. During the in branch intercept campaign, SPP received numerous references, positive feedback and accolades from the branch channel.

Sales results were exceeded by 20%.


National campaign with over 300 branches across Canada, including remote regions.


Each time we had you (SPP Marketing Services) it was a great addition and enhancement to our branch and clients were pleased. I look forward to working with you (SPP Marketing Services) and having you back in our branch. -Toronto Dundas Branch