• Provide full service, kiosk based new customer engagement and sales acquisition programs. SPP created the first permanent manned kiosk sales program in Canadian airports in 1998 for our telecom and credit card clients and continue to be the leaders in this field.
  • Since then we have promoted and executed face to face experiential campaigns and acquisition initiatives for over 150 major travel co-branded credit cards in Canada- enrolling over 5 million people for clients such as : CIBC, RBC, TD, Scotiabank, Amex, BMO and other clients.


  • Location sourcing and leasing, government clearances for security purposes, customized sales training, highly experienced sales team and management infrastructure.
  • Our employees are selected based on their education, maturity, tech proficiency and customer service skills. Once selected, they undergo rigorous product knowledge training and training on airport-based conduct.


  • North American Airports


  • We have the expertise you need to operate in North American airports. From leasing and licensing to employee pass approval and clearances – you can trust SPP for all your Airport based sales needs.
  • Our 30 years of experience, proven track record and specialty Airport based expertise will guarantee your program’s success.
“SPP Marketing Services has been staffing and managing manned intercept marketing programs at the Toronto Pearson International Airport since 1995. SPP Marketing Services have a license to operate within the Greater Toronto Airports Authority and have experience with the logistical and operational requirements. We would not hesitate to recommend their services to any company looking to conduct face to face marketing campaigns at the airport.”
S.P. Advertising and Partnerships Director